Conflict Management


Duration        1 day


This Conflict Management course forms part of Clearer Thoughts’ Organisational Excellence portfolio. The objective of all these programmes is to improve working relations within an organisation. Our philosophy is that strong, successful organisations must not only have policies which adhere to current UK law and ACAS recommendations but must put into place procedures to make these policies normal behaviour.

This has two benefits: a happier and healthier workforce and less risk of disruption, stress and legal action against the organisation.

The course covers why conflict can happen in the work place and how this can affect people within a company.  This, in turn, can severely impact on a company’s chance of success or failure. It discusses ways of recognising possible conflicts and how to deal with them efficiently and effectively.

We take an interactive approach to encourage delegates to consider their own roles and responsibilities within the discipline and grievance framework.

Recommended for

This course is for anyone who is or could be involved in dealing with conflict in the workplace, for example team members or leaders, managers at any level, union or other group representatives.

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At the end of the training the delegate will be able to successfully:

  • Identify the most common causes of conflict in the workplace
  • Use the correct company processes and procedures to stop conflict occurring in your workplace
  • Confidently deal with conflict matters

working with the documentation and support provided.

To download these course outlines as a .pdf click here.
CTPD60-70 Conflict Management

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