Ten Top Tips in Excel

Posted by on May 22, 2017

Ten Top Tips in Excel

I was recently asked for my ten top tips in Excel so here they are. Follow the links for more explanation.

Test your formulas

Building a powerful spreadsheet

Top Tip #1

Plan the data layout in your spreadsheet. Whether you’re storing accounts info, stock control, wages or expenses, work out what gets repeated regularly and plan a system to record it.

Top Tip #2

Make sure constant values used in calculations are clearly visible and labelled.

Top Tip #3

Make sure you understand use of constants and apply $ signs using Function key F4.

Top Tip #4

Use formatting to draw attention to data entry area vs calculations.

Top Tip #5

Unlock data entry areas and add protection to calculated areas.

Top Tip #6

Once data has been added, double-click on Auto-fill handle to extend formula to bottom of data.

Top Tip #7

Display (and print, if wanted) formulas instead of results.

Top Tip #8

Use keyboard shortcuts for many repetitive tasks.

Top Tip #9

Use conditional formatting to recognise exceptions and approaching deadline values.

Top Tip #10

Always test your formulas. Use data whose values you will easily be able to check.