At Clearer Thoughts we are experts in the design of training materials, and we’ve got the Diplomas from The Training Foundation to prove it!

In fact, we are so proud of our training materials that we now sell them to carefully selected partners separately from the delivery of face-to-face training courses.

Clearer Courses training materials

Clearer Courses



If you have an in-house training department then you’ll know how long it can take to create new training materials. Industry standards suggest around 10 days’ development for each day’s delivery, but the reality is often far more.

That’s a lot of down-time for your trainers.

Clearer Thoughts has a subsidiary – Clearer Courses – which supplies the highest quality training materials across the whole range of our portfolio. Materials are available on an outright purchase and on an annual license basis. Each Clearer Course contains everything your trainer needs as well as detailed delegate notes.

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The idea is very straightforward: we write the training materials – everything you need from delegate notes and exercises to complete trainer guides and PowerPoint presentations – and you buy or licence them from us. If you don’t already employ a trainer then we have a solution to that, too. With a combination of up-skilling one of your user champions through a Train the Trainer package and giving them tailored tuition in delivering your chosen courses, you will be ready to go without all the setup time and cost it would normally take to recruit a new member of staff and have them develop course materials.

Clearer Thoughts is a gold partner in The Training Foundation’s TAP ® Gold Partners Programme, so you can be confident that all our materials conform to this excellent de facto industry standard. We are also accredited to the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and OCR.

Or if you just want to dip your toe in the water, we have a range of bite-sized delegate notes for sale. Each package of training materials covers a single major topic in one of the MS Office Suite applications. For just £25.00 an individual can work through the materials to become expert in one level of the application with excellent teach-yourself notes and exercise files.

Many Clearer Courses publications are available through Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats. Just go to and search for Clearer Courses.


Many companies have in-house systems that staff should be able to use but lack proper training materials to go with them. At Clearer Thoughts we have many years’ experience in rapidly learning and documenting new systems, allowing you to commission a range of training materials suitable for different job roles or activities.

You can choose between materials for face-to-face delivery or online learning modules which can be published to your Intranet.

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If you feel like you’re running to stand still in HR, or you’re launching a major programme and have all your resources tied up it can be difficult to stay on top of training plans and records.

You need a specialist to help out, not a temp.

Let us be your virtual training department.

Charged on a project by project or monthly subscription basis, it can cost less than you’d expect to let us take away all the hassle and leave you free to get on with other jobs.

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