Clearer Thoughts is a Liverpool-based staff development company offering a broad range of courses and programmes to support training and organisational excellence. Our key clients are both national and international, mostly with headquarters in the North West.

We offer comprehensive training programmes in all aspects of organisational development, IT skills and general management. Our goal is to help you achieve organisational excellence by getting the best out of your biggest asset, your staff.

“We’re not just trainers: our many years’ business experience lets us understand business problems and your need for organisational excellence in order to succeed. We can develop your staff’s skills and knowledge base so that they work together legally, fairly and happily to make the most efficient and effective use of their time, their IT skills and the organisation’s software and internal systems.”

Tricia Clewett, Business Development Director.

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Try before you buy

We’re so sure you will love the standard of our training materials that we’re giving away a free sample. Click on the link below to download a sample of one of our courses.

Introduction to Charting in Excel

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