Time for a Kick Start?

Posted by on September 27, 2019

Autumn is always a nostalgic time: the end of summer, the prospect of winter, the feeling that things are winding down, leaves are falling, days are shortening. Yet, despite all that, I find it can be a time for fresh starts. Maybe it’s that long-engrained habit of the new academic year but the touch of a cool breeze, the clarity in the air, the sight of the bare branches and all the horizons that they release to view: I find these provide the stimulus to get going on new projects.

Sometimes you just need a little prod, a new impetus, a fresh target to meet. So here’s an idea: next time someone says to you “It’s only nn days to Christmas” (89 by my last count) don’t groan, don’t complain. Instead, say to yourself “Then in nn days I will have achieved . . . . and be ready for a break.” It’s not a barrier, it’s a positive target.

Enjoy a crisp, fruitful autumn.

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